ardinia is one of the most beautiful Mediterranean islands, which is situated off the coast of Italy and has a rich tradition of culture and cuisine. Sardinia, History, People, & Points of Interest are some of the things you will learn as you spend your vacation on this lovely island.

Sardinia, Italy

A visit to Sardinia is a great way to see all that the island has to offer. The island is known for its natural beauty with many mountains and beaches, and it is a great place to go fishing. This is also a great place to get married. It has everything you need to make a great wedding day.

Cala fuili beach in orosei golf, sardinia, italy

There are many places to see in Sardinia, There are many different cultures on the island that all work together to create a beautiful place that you will enjoy each and every time that you visit.

There are many different types of animals and birds to see in Sardinia as well as many different types of beaches. There are so many different types of beaches on the island that it can be hard to leave and not find something for you to do when you visit the island.

Things You Cannot Miss in Sardinia

• The temple of Monte d'Accoddi
• Asinara National Park
• Corallo Museum
• Archaeological Museum Antiquarium Arborense
• Horseback tours
• Feast of Sant'Efisio (the celebration begins on May 1)

Sardinia Is Truly A Safe Place

Sardinia is incredibly safe it will be an incredibly safe vacation for your family, friends and yourself.

Sos dorroles beach in orosei golf, sardinia, italy

When to Go to Sardinia

If you want a holiday to be relaxing, you should plan your trip for Sardinia in summer. The island is located in the Mediterranean Sea, but its weather is temperate enough for you to enjoy every single day without being stressed out. You can enjoy the sun, the beach, water sports, and many other activities that you can't get anywhere else.

The people in Sardinia are friendly and they are very accommodating to tourists who want to experience their culture. They are a great way to see the wonderful history that this island has.

Important point of interest to make sure you include on your vacation to Sardinia is the history of the islands, beaches, and the people of Sardinia.

If you don't already know any of the history, then you may want to know a bit. It can be really exciting, knowing that the people of this island have been there for a long time and that they have many beautiful things that have stayed the same over the years.

Tharros archaeological site and seascape, oristano, sardinia

There are so many reasons why you might want to travel to Sardinia for a vacation. Some of the things that you will be doing on this beautiful island are pretty amazing. There are just too many to mention. It is really difficult to describe all of the amazing things you can do in a vacation to Sardinia.

The Best Time to Go Sardinia

The best time to go Sardinia is during its spring months, from April until June. The colors of the island enrich of blue-green lavender, During the summer, as the flowers bloom again, there is no shortage of people who love going to Sardinia.

Language in Sardinia?

The first language of Sardinia is Italian, although the Sardinian language, Sardo, is still widely spoken.

Sardinia Island in the Mediterrains Sea

 It is a perfect destination because it has a perfect climate, which is perfect for couples who want to spend time together. This island has got an abundance of luxury hotels that cater to honeymooners so that they can have a wonderful honeymoon.

Sos dorroles beach in orosei golf, sardinia, italy

Sardinia Island is known for its beautiful beaches and many visitors choose to take a vacation on the beaches of this beautiful island. It has got a lot of sandy beaches that are ideal for beach lovers and also ideal for those couples who want to spend their holiday in the lap of nature.

With many sandy beaches, there are also some private beach clubs where you can enjoy your stay and spend all of your time with your family without having to worry about the hustle bustle. You can enjoy your vacation at any beach club and relax with your loved ones on the warm summer days.

Sardinia Italy - The bluest water, most scenic and breathtakingly beautiful of all the islands

Cala mariolu beach in orosei golf, sardinia, italy

Sardinia Italy - The bluest water in the world. If you enjoy a peaceful, romantic island holiday then this is the place for you. It is also very popular for couples holidaying together. You can spend a few days relaxing and catching up on each others' lives and then you can take advantage of the island's many beaches and water sports. Make sure that you do spend time enjoying the natural beauty of the area.

10 best beaches in Sardinia

  • 1. Cala Brandinchi
  • 2. Spiaggia di Tuerredda
  • 3. Spiaggia della Speranza
  • 4. Spaggia Capriccioli
  • 5. Cala Biriola
  • 6. Spiaggia del Poetto
  • 7. Cala dei Gabbiani
  • 8. Spiaggia di Liscia Ruja
  • 9. Nora Beach
  • 10. Cala Mariolu

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