f you are a lover of the outdoors and the country, you will surely want to explore the natural beauty that is available in the many different townships throughout Austria. There are some of the places that are not only famous for their breathtaking scenery but are also known for their unique cultures, great weather and unique history.

1. Hallstatt Town In Austria

There are plenty of reasons to visit the small town of Hallstatt in Austria. This small town has one of the best UNESCO World Heritage sites.

This area has some of the most beautiful churches and castles that can be found in Austria. The most popular tourist attractions of this town are the castles and churches.

Village of hallstatt
Scenic view of famous hallstatt mountain village with hallstattersee lake and alps mountains summits

The town of Hallstatten is also known for its many lakes. Lake Hallstat is a great place to swim. You can also fish for bluegill and trout. This lake also has a pier where you can rent a small boat to go fishing.

Things to do

  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Climing

2. Saint Wolfgang Im Salzkammergut Town

What You Should Know About This Small Town in Austria

Located in the province of Austria, Saint Wolfgang I'm Salzkammergut Town is a small town that is well-known for its churches and cathedrals. The population of the town is quite low, as it is situated close to the Alps. In fact, this is one of the smallest places in Austria that have cathedrals, but the attractions are very big and have made it a popular tourist destination.

St. wolfgang waterfront with wolfgangsee lake

There are many activities available in this region, such as horseback riding, swimming, hiking, sailing, and diving. And it is also very easy to get around this area, as there are a number of local buses that travel around this area on a regular basis.

197 things to do in Sankt Wolfgang im Salzkammergut


3. Innsbruck City in Austria

Innsbruck is one of the most important cities in Austria and is known for the Alps. Innsbruck City in Austria is a city where people are famous for skiing, trekking and for skiing holidays. The town has plenty of accommodation and facilities to offer visitors, such as ski slopes, skiing lodges, inns, holiday cottages, and hotels, ski chalets, and self-catering apartments.

Many people prefer to stay in Innsbruck City in winter

is gorgeous - the snow clad mountains in the backdrop, the freezing waters of the river flowing through the middle of the city, the cozy and cute Christmas markets and the iconic Swarovski Christmas Tree becoming a part of the skyline, are all that makes this lovely town the perfect place to visit.If you have rented a car, you will have the convenience to travel around the town and outside to explore the ski slopes, winter activities, and beautiful mountains.

or in the summer months when the temperature is cool and pleasant. This way they can enjoy the warm temperatures and spend quality time with their family. Most people prefer to stay in hotels, self-catering apartments, ski chalets, and ski lodges as these are the perfect places to stay for their holiday.

You should also consider staying close to the main attractions in the city, such as the Alps, Lake Inn, Lake Burgenland, Lake Mönchengladbach, and the Danube River.

This is great if you want to get up close and personal with some of the mountains or lakes in Austria. The accommodation is usually cheaper and you can have a great view of the mountains and lakes.

Austria accommodation options to suit everyone. Some are quite expensive but will give you all the facilities you need. Others are quite affordable and are great for families and couples staying for a few days.

15 Best Tourist Attractions in Innsbruck (Australia )

  • Altstadt von Innsbruck (Old town)
  • Innsbrucker Nordkettenbahnen
  • Ambras Castle
  • Imperial Palace (Hofburg)
  • Hungerburg Funicular
  • Bergisel Ski Jump
  • Swarovski Kristallwelten
  • Alpine Zoo
  • Cathedral of St. James
  • Tirol Panorama
  • Hofgarten (Garden)
  • The Golden Roof
  • The Hofkirche
  • Tyrolean Folk Art Museum
  • Maria-Theresien Strasse

4. Lake Achen - Lake in the Air, Austria

Located just above Austria's border with Germany and the Czech Republic, is a popular lake in Austria. It is actually the second largest lake in the state, after Lake Burgenland. It has a maximum depth of 133 meters and is located on the banks of the Lake Karwendel. It borders the Styrian Alps on one side, the Ticino Mountains on the other, and the district of Burgenland-Palatinate to the north.

The Best 20 Attractions around Achen Lake

  • Dalfazalm
  • Wolfsklamm
  • Blaubergalm
  • Plumsjochhütte
  • Erfurter Hütte
  • Bärenkopf
  • Hochiss
  • Lamsenjochhütte
  • Rofanspitze
  • GaisalmFalkenhütte
  • Wolfsklamm
  • Achensee Gaisalmsteig
  • Georgenberg
  • Dalfazer Wasserfall
  • Seebergspitze
  • Sonnjoch Gipfel
  • Rofanseilbahn
  • Ebner Joch
  • "Stoamandl" - Steintürme der Pilgerer

5. Gosauseen Lake in Austria

Is located in the district of Carinthia and is one of the most famous lakes of Austria. There is a natural lake named as the Lake of the Seven Lakes. It has a maximum surface area of 2 million square meters. The lakes that make up this lake have different attributes and the most popular lake is called Lake of the Seven Lakes.

Things to see and do in Gosauseen Lake

6. Wolfgangsee Lake in Austria

Is a popular attraction for many tourists because of its amazing location and the scenic beauty it contains. It has also been known as a destination in Austria and a tourist favorite due to the many different experiences it has to offer.

A good reason to choose this place is that the town is very close to all the important attractions. You can take a train trip or a bus to get to these sites. If you don't want to spend a lot of time going around the area then you can just take a walk around the lakeside and enjoy the scenery as well as the peace and quiet.

Things to do and see in Wolfgangsee


1. SchafbergBahn

826 reviews


2. Pfarre St. Wolfgang

332 reviews


3. The Pilgrim's Way

94 reviews


4. Dittelbachwildnis

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5. Wolfgangsee

8 reviews


6. Michael Pacher-Haus

12 reviews


7. Puppenmuseum (Dorf-Alm)

11 reviews


8. Wolfgangsee Schifffahrt

290 reviews


9. Sportcamp Raudaschl

6 reviews

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