here are a number of great places to travel alone, however there are just as many bad choices as good ones. For example, what are the top five countries to travel alone in Europe? We will quickly list some of the more popular European destinations for the solo traveler.

Top 5 Places to Travel Alone


Italy, an important European country with an almost long Mediterranean coast, has left an impressive legacy on European cuisine and culture. The capital, Rome, is the cultural and artistic heart of Italy, and the world-famous Trevi Fountain is one of its most popular attractions.

is one of the great places to travel alone to if you love history and culture. This country has so much history that you can spend several days just exploring the ruins, old cities, museums, and ancient cathedrals. Rome is another great choice, and is a great base to explore other parts of the country. Venice, Florence, Milan, and San Gimignano are all great choices.


Greece is a diverse country in southern European with several thousand islands along the Aegean and Mediterranean seas. Influenced by ancient Greek times, it is known as the cradle of Western civilisation.

Athens, the capital, contains some of the most striking ruins in the world. Athens has long been known for the many ancient monuments, it has, such as the Parthenon Temple and the Athenian theatre. Greece is also home to the famous beaches of Kos, the Black Sea coast.

Greece is great choices when it comes to the top five. It has many beautiful sites to see and beautiful beaches. Greece is also home to a large number of ancient monuments and beautiful ruins. You will be able to enjoy many beautiful scenery sites as you tour the country. The main island of Kos island in the Aegean Sea is a popular choice, and also the capital city of Athens.


Switzerland is an extremely beautiful Central European country, full of many lakes, quaint villages and the steep mountains of the Alps. Its towns are historic and packed with ancient buildings, including the city of Bern's Zytgloggen clock tower. Other popular places in Switzerland are Lucerne, a small city on the border with France, the picturesque village of Bickel, where skiing is famous, and Montreaux, a popular skiing resort.

is one of the top five great places to travel alone. There is so much variety to see and do in this country. It is a wonderful place to visit and explore. Switzerland is also home to beautiful castles and picturesque scenery and is also known for its rich cuisine.


France is one of the most beautiful and varied countries of Western Europe. It has three large countries, namely France, Lorraine (Provence) and Auvergne. France, in Eastern Europe, comprises medieval towns, lush alpine valleys and exquisite Mediterranean beaches

Paris, the capital, is renowned for its fine arts, fashion houses including the Louvre and magnificent monuments like the Eiffel tower. The country is famous for its fine wines and stylish cuisine. Lascaux's ancient cave drawings and Lyon's ornate Palace of Versailles testify to the rich culture of the country.


Iceland, an icy northern island, is dominated by its vast landscape with geysers, volcanoes, hot springs and glaciers. Massive glaciers surround Vatnajokull and Sn├Žfellshavn, the country's two largest and most active volcanoes. Most of the populace lives in Reykjavik, where the city runs on geothermal energy and is known for its geothermal hot springs. There are other tourist attractions in Iceland as well such as the Ring of Eyja and the Skogafoss waterfall.

is also a great place to travel alone, as it has so much to offer. It is a nice country with many great activities, sights, and sounds. Many adventure enthusiasts make their own tours of this area. If you are looking for adventure, then you can go skiing, biking, hiking, or take in nature in some of the wildlife parks.


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